Wessex International Healthcare Consortium hosts an array of established systems with solutions to common challenges and innovative systems supporting the needs of a growing, ageing population.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is the model that governments and healthcare organisations across the world turn to. Wessex International Healthcare Consortium provides the opportunity to access the skills and experience that make the NHS one of the best health systems in the world.

Wessex International Healthcare Consortium collaborates with over 20 NHS organisations and works with 220+ private sector partners to bring the latest approaches to front-line healthcare. Wessex has the expertise to adapt tried and tested solutions for improving patient outcomes in a financially sustainable way.

Wessex International Healthcare Consortium can offer partnership opportunities in many different ways, including through:

  • Clinical consultancy, management consultancy and professional services
  • Project management skills from needs analysis and the design of clinical pathways to setting up and running better services
  • local partnerships, licensing and franchising
  • running clinical services based on an NHS model via a range of operating arrangements
  • remote service delivery
  • use internet technology to access services such as multi-disciplinary patient reviews, remote diagnostics, screening and distance learning

Wessex International Healthcare Consortium offers expertise across the whole spectrum of medical, surgical and mental health services, from the management of long term illnesses to diagnosing and treating rare conditions.

There are multiple Centres of Excellence in Wessex with the skills and resources to support international organisations develop and run NHS services such as;

  • Multi-specialty community providers
  • Acute care systems
  • Primary care systems
  • Mental health systems
  • Public Health systems
  • Integrated healthcare systems
  • Integrated health and social care systems
  • Urgent and emergency care networks
  • Viable smaller hospitals
  • Specialised care
  • Modern maternity services
  • Enhanced health in care homes

Wessex International Healthcare Consortium is a large, clinically comprehensive and high quality regional NHS consortium which brings together NHS and academia in the United Kingdom, with most of its members already having an established track record of working successfully internationally for many years.

We use our excellence in clinical services, education and research as the basis for this and offer everything from knowledge transfer to long-term partnerships and seek to provide solutions to your requirements.

Examples of our work include:

  • Partnering with international healthcare organisations to support the development of sustainable healthcare solutions which meet local needs.
  • Harnessing the expertise of our leading clinicians and operational managers to provide international consulting services ranging from single projects to long-term partnerships.
  • Medical education partnerships that lead to long-term and sustainable improvements in clinical services and enhanced capability in the workforce required to deliver them.

Developed over decades in response to changing needs, the NHS’s model can be adapted for individual purposes, either to a specific type of service or as a whole-system approach.