Wessex International Healthcare Consortium boasts universities that are both academically strong and experienced in working in partnership with international organisations and institutions in countries at all stages of development.

From medical records and health information to health services and systems research, to co-producing and testing as a part of product development, Wessex has university-based answers.

Wessex is home to five world class universities, all of which work with industry both in the UK and internationally, each has expertise in developing and testing new health care products and industry approaches. WIHC can provide a service to facilitate business introductions and conversations with them.


Wessex universities and training suppliers are committed to preparing our medical and UK healthcare students for an increasingly globalised world. We aim to increase the number of international medical and healthcare professionals who are fully prepared to face that challenge and our commitment to building sustainable international partnerships is key to achieving those ambitions.

Many industries and sectors are now globalised or international in nature, and the trend continues here in Wessex. With the rapid growth of developing countries comes the need for expert knowledge of global markets and cultures to aid competitive advantage.

We work with international employers to provide a range of healthcare projects, group work and placements in Wessex to help develop the right NHS skills and expose students and postgraduates to our NHS culture.

We maintain contacts with our international alumni to enhance our reputation as they provide a pool of talent and help spread our international network.


A high-quality workforce is the key to any healthcare system:

  • Workforce development advice and support is through working with Health Education Wessex and the Wessex Local Education and Training Board and others
  • We support organisations in recruitment and succession planning
  • We support and ensure the delivery of training and development that equips the wider workforce for the challenges ahead.