With an international reputation for excellence the NHS is at the forefront of healthcare delivery, research and training.

The NHS works in collaboration with commercial healthcare companies and academia to develop innovative, integrated, high quality and cost effective products and systems of care. The NHS is the world’s largest integrated health system, and treats circa one million patients every 36 hours; and yet the UK spends about 9.3% GDP on the NHS, about half the expenditure of the USA.

Uniquely the NHS has in depth experience of working in partnership with the UK’s commercial healthcare sector in planning facilities, clinical services and deploying new technologies. The Wessex International Healthcare Consortium includes a collaboration of NHS organisations and universities that have come together as world-class providers, commissioners and educators to share expertise and services globally.

We have recognised the requirements for transformational change across the local health and care system and are now ready to work in collaboration with our international organisations to share best practice.

Our portfolio of public and private-sector bodies, support every aspect of health system development. Wessex International Healthcare Consortium has a high level of expertise to deliver sustainable, fair and high-quality services. Working with Healthcare UK, we can support:

  • whole-system change or service reconfiguration
  • sustainable improvement in service quality and value for money
  • regulation and quality assurance
  • fair and universal access to treatment
  • workforce planning
  • new finance models
  • data management to drive service improvement
  • the use of behavioural science to promote health and wellbeing
  • an evidence-based approach to evaluating and improving services
  • the handling of emergencies and major public events
  • the translation of research into the next generation of innovative products and services.

Wessex International Healthcare Consortium collaborates with the Wessex Patient Safety Collaborative through the AHSN, which ensure organisations deliver the key strands of patient safety:

  • producing well-trained, high-quality staff
  • demanding high standards of care
  • knowing what questions to ask and what answers to give
  • ensuring that lessons are learnt for the future.

Our Patient Safety Collaborative in Wessex has the expertise to help you improve the quality of every aspect of healthcare delivery.