Wessex International Healthcare Consortium can support the provision of the full range of planning and modelling services needed for successful and efficient infrastructure projects.

This includes mapping of existing services and facilities, forecasting future healthcare needs, designing new models of care and developing business cases, financial models, funding packages, and feasibility studies.

Wessex International Healthcare Consortium can offer expertise in health planning and needs analysis to establish an achievable process that will deliver safe, effective and affordable care.

Working with Healthcare UK and UK International Healthcare Management Association (UKIHMA), our members have unrivalled experience in the study, planning and proposal of effective care, and can use their significant experience to demonstrate how the decisions taken and implemented by a healthcare provider will definitively and permanently guide its activities and structure.

We also seek to find solutions of sustainable, energy-efficient and low-carbon buildings. We, through UKIHMA, can work in partnership with UK architects, project managers, engineers and construction firms to support revolutionising the hospital and clinical environment internationally.

Wessex International Healthcare Consortium collaborates successfully to improve services locally within the UK and globally with international organisations. We have expertise within our consortium to analyse current delivery and identify ways to improve efficiency, patient experiences and clinical outcomes in international settings.

We have unprecedented expertise and excellence in hospital management and operation services and working with UKIHMA we benefit from the combined expertise of the UK’s NHS and private hospital support services. Our Consortium can help improve financial performance and the quality of clinical care and support services

As the only NHS Consortium with members across health providers and commissioners, we can provide knowledge to ensure effective commissioning of healthcare infrastructure with expertise supporting the design phase, the construction phase, and end with the start-up and verification of successful system operation.