Brazil & Latin America

Opportunities for UK organisations

  • Brazil’s healthcare expenditure of around $190 billion is among the highest in the world, with more than half coming from private healthcare.
  • Brazil needs to tackle the growth in non-communicable diseases that has accompanied the country’s increasing wealth and the rise of the middle class.
  • Financial pressures and public demand to modernise services is stimulating interest in the UK’s capabilities in cost-effective, universal healthcare.
  • Public private partnerships (PPPs) are becoming an essential part of healthcare delivery, opening doors to UK expertise in this area.
  • Brazil has recently established an executive secretariat on infrastructure aimed at removing barriers to external investment in social infrastructure, which should lead to the Ministry of Health seeking greater private sector involvement and commercial expertise.
  • Throughout Latin America, concern over the Zika virus is leading to renewed interest in mosquito control, treatment of patients and research into the virus.