India’s healthcare market is estimated to grow to $280 billion by 2020. It has identified a shortfall of 2.5 million hospital beds and 1 million doctors, compared to world-average per-person ratios.

Opportunities for UK organisations

  • India needs more doctors, nurses and paramedics to assure the availability of healthcare in the future. By 2017 the country will need 765,000 additional nurses and 110,000 professionals specialising in traditional (Ayurvedic) medicine.
  • India’s health needs are changing. Cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease are all placing greater demands on the existing healthcare infrastructure.
  • India’s private hospital chains are looking at partnering with organisations bringing international expertise into the country as a means of offering a world-class service and gaining competitive advantage.
  • India has just announced the first 20 of the proposed 100 smart cities programme which will involve an overall investment of £10bn. It is expected to significantly upgrade the healthcare infrastructure in these cities. The smart cities programme represents a wide-ranging largescale opportunity for entire supply chains from the UK to commercially export their expertise.
  • The Indo-UK Institutes of Health (IUIH) initiative is a smart-cities-related opportunity where 11 healthcare ecosystems will be created across India, comprising general hospitals, teaching hospitals, a network of 89 polyclinics, a research institute and various related infrastructure. The initiative will enable 1.2bn Indians to access healthcare facilities equivalent to the best of the NHS. The plan represents an opportunity worth over £1bn and has already generated business worth £125m.