UAE & Middle East

Opportunities for UK organisations

  • The Middle East is characterised by rapidly growing populations and income levels, rising life expectancy and a high incidence of long-term conditions.
  • A number of ambitious medical infrastructure projects are driving healthcare expenditure.
  • Shortage of local physicians and qualified allied healthcare staff that poses an obstacle to the sector’s growth.
  • Healthcare expenditure in Saudi Arabia was estimated at $35.9bn in 2013, 4.8% of GDP.
  • The United Arab Emirates spent an estimated $14bn on healthcare in 2013, 3.5% of GDP. Spending is expected to increase by 6.9% a year to reach $19.6bn in 2018
  • Saudi Arabia’s healthcare budget in 2014 included funding for 11 new hospitals, 11 medical centres and two medical complexes, in addition to the 132 hospitals and healthcare centres already under construction.
  • The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has established the National Transformation Office, tasked with reviewing all aspects of healthcare in the Kingdom.